Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Winter comes down

It has been far too long since I've update this.  But I plead the reader's indulgence.  I've been working more than before and I've gotten an extra group to work with, but the trade off is that now I'm working even more on Saturdays...meaning I spend at least three hours at the Pushkin Library and then go back and teach for another hour and a half at EKSU.  That doesn't count the truly awful bus ride getting their and back...but hopefully that'll improve as someone has told me about another way to get there and back.  I hope it'll work...

I'm getting quite exhausted, but I suppose it is  kind of my fault.  I spend a bit of my time wasted since I usually have a long lunch with Victor since he doesn't like the canteen here.  But then I also have a tea in the afternoon with the canteen since i work in the evenings I don't show up to work later.  So it is my fault...

Anyway, I'm feeling a little crummy--the weather here is warming up, which might initially be thought to be a good thing...but that means the snow is melting and now the ground is muddy, dirty, and gray.  It is a thoroughly depressing sight, which is not aided by how terrible riding a bus was's all just kind of meh.  When I'm done with class tonight, I think I'll try to let you all know what has been going on here.

By the way, Victor has been making fun of my cooking concoctions:   He seems to think they are weird and can't be delicious.  I think he is crazy.  

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