Thursday, May 21, 2009

From Jinju

Another excellent day here in Korea. We went to a couple of interesting sights today. Started this morning off a little apprehensions about the weather-rained most of the day and I had forgotten my windbreaker coat at the first hotel (Sorry Dad! Hopefully the hotel'll hold onto it when we go back there next week.

Anyway, we bypassed this unpleasantness by buying some cheap raincoats and going on our way to our activities. We went and saw two Buddhist temples and while I still don't understand Buddhism, I do understand why Elly's mother always took the family there for relaxing. It really is a nice little walk in the woods to these temples. This beauty was amplified by the fact that it was raining, which I always enjoy (especially when I have an opportunity to wear my awesome hat). I don't really understand why Elly said she always complained, it didn't seem that arduous of a climb, to be truthful.

After that we also saw a museum, some ancient Silla burial mounds, and the foundation of the old palace of Silla. All of this stuff was very neat, but not what is going to leave a lasting impression. At every place we went today, it seemed there was a bleedin' horde of school age Korean kids. Just multitudes of the little buggers walking 'round and making a general nuisance of themselves. Anytime we were around, the kids started to come closer and say “Hi” or “Hello” or anything really. Jeff and I had two 10 year old Korean boys shout that we’re handsome several times. I really hope they just didn’t understand the possible connotations of what they were saying. I don’t really mind Korean girls saying that; generally they can be cute. But boys…that kind of crosses the line a bit…

Anyway, back to the point. It is really fun to see the reaction of these kids. They seem really excited to see us; not sure if its just because they want to practice English or what, since they seem to get a little anti-US as they grow. Either way, my day was made the other day when walking through the Museum of Korean History and a little boy walked by, turned to his friend and said-“Miguki!”

I'm in Jinju now and really regretting that I told Elly it'd be awkward to meet her mother. I think it actually would have been quite nice to meet her and said hi. Elly and I might not be going out but we're still friends. Or at least i hope we are. Anyway, time for bed.

But it is a bit lonely 'round here right now.

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