Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shipping Out Tomorrow

Well, I'm heading off tomorrow for S. Korea first thing in the morning. Funny, it still hasn't really hit me that I am heading off ten thousand (for a rough estimation) miles away. I suppose it'll sink in once I get through security and can't get back at my family. As they say over in Russia "Nichevo" or, "it's nothing." In an old book I read, it was translated as "It can't be helped," so maybe that's a better translation for me right now.

It isn't that I am not excited, it's just that I don't quite feel like I'm leaving home yet. Anyway, it can't be helped. So "en evant!" and let's go! I'm starting this blog, hopefully to act as a nice way to keep you folks back home abreast of what I'm doing across the briny waters in Korea and Kazakhstan. Hopefully I will be able to update this somewhat regularly in Korea and sporadically over in Kazakhstan (God of the Steppes and Internet allowing). So as it is getting late and this is the last night I will be with my family, I’ll bid you (the future audience) a fond adieu. With a bit of luck I’ll be letting you all know what I am up to “Over There” and I will leave you with a song: “Ten Thousand Miles Away” (though the only version I could find, isn’t the melody I am familiar with) and another old favorite of mine.

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