Monday, June 1, 2009

Worst Day Since Yesterday...

Its been the worst day since yesterday

So its been a rough couple of days...I've still got to update those lousy days, but I'm going to go out of order and write about an experience that frustrated me to all hell today.

So it starts out at the check out; our bloody hotel charges money for internet use. The only hotel we've been to in Korea that does that, but I don't really have a choice; its the easiest way to keep in touch with people back home and I need to upload my photos and try to keep this thing going; so I accepted the charges after the unsecured network that I had used disappeared...anyway, I knew it would be nasty, but it still isn't nice getting hit with a 36,000 won bill. Fine; whatever. That sucked, at least Jake and I' lunch/dinner was cheap (3 rolls of gimbap for 9,000 won and Jake went a head and let me finish them off here, so I'm not so hungry anymore.

So whatever, its out of my mind; I don't have to worry about that anymore. I call Singapore Airlines to find out about my return trip home and I find out they still don't have any seats open for us; so they'll keep in touch with us via email; which will be a pain in Kazakhstan...

Then we get to the airport, start checking in and find out that for economy class passengers, our weight limit is 20 kilograms. That's ~40 pounds for two bags that are filled with books for my classes and are going to last me all summer. We I ain't got any choice, so I've got to pay...117,000 won! That's $96 basically. So I'm caught between a rock and a hard place since I'll have to pay for it on the return trip; I don't know about the Singapore airlines bit, I have to still buy domestic tickets to Jinju and back (which will be cheaper than this luggage is), I'm tired to all hell, I'm not talking with my family, I think Jake is using up my korean phone card to talk with a girl he met a week ago,we've got to board in ten minutes, there is no sign of him, and the room is packing up and everyone has a ton of crap and I don't want my stuff getting checked. Also, we have to start teaching class the day after we get back to Semey and we have almost no lesson plan yet. The only good news is that with my luck these days, the plan will crash into the sea or somewhere in China and I'll be killed before I have to worry about all this junk.


  1. that's too bad you guys had to pay for the lugguage! :[ and i totally don't understand why the 5stars hotel charges every little stuff people use such as laundry and the internet. i have no idea.. and i'm sorry for the 'korean phone card' part! lol i thought Jake kept putting coins thou.. well, anyways u seem so tired and weary, take a good rest and good luck with your teaching!

  2. Hang in there, Alex, you could be in Jersey!
    "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger"
    I know you are going to be an excellent teacher, without a doubt...

  3. Hey, doesn't the big slobbery dog and being from New Jersey give you a big enough hint? It's Aunt Claudine!